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The most important companies, operating in the realization of projects on an international level, often need to have external professionals who take care of the creative development of a project for them.

This “outsourcing” is very important because it allows the company to always have new stimuli, and to allow “neutral interpreters” to create projects, therefore free from corporate constraints.

The quality of the design of the spaces is increasingly required in international orders, and is synonymous with the success, even financially, of the project. However, it is not easy to find the right “interpreter”, the one who manages to grasp the meaning of a project, to combine the client’s corporate identity with the needs of the project.

The design of public workspaces is very complex because it is necessary to think of the different types of users of the space at the same time, on the one hand, the employees, on the other the public. It is necessary to create the maximum possible comfort for both and at the same time the maximum efficiency of the structure. When designing this type of space it is essential to understand the “work” flows in order to increase office productivity, another aspect to keep in mind is the study of lighting technology. Correct lighting of spaces allows less worker fatigue and maximizes productivity. For the headquarters of the new Italian consulate in Luanda, we designed the architecture and interiors of the offices. It is a prefabricated x-lam wooden structure. This structure was supposed to contain all the offices of the Italian consulate and embassy and also evidently be a representative building. It was essential to play with the materials: wood and marble to recall the classic atmosphere, but at the same time make everything contemporary and fresh. The reception is distinguished by a large panel in stabilized vegetable green, which creates a refined and modern environment and at the same time does not require any particular maintenance. The meeting room is illuminated from above through a suitably shielded “well of light”. For the console office, instead, a rigorous and simple environment was chosen at the same time.